Is Your Living Room Too Cold? Three Remodeling Ideas to Warm It Up

Owning the home that you live in means you are fully responsible for keeping it warm inside. This primarily encompasses paying the heating bill, but it can also include remodeling the home. If you have noticed that your living room is extremely cold and that the utility costs are becoming rather excessive, this is an ideal time to take on some remodeling projects that revolve around making the room a warmer place.

Switch to Swinging Patio Doors

If you have a sliding glass door that goes into a backyard patio, you could struggle with keeping the cold air outside. These doors are not designed to provide great insulation, and things will only get worse with time. An outstanding alternative is to sacrifice the view and opt for a solid core door that swings. Swinging doors are much better at keeping the air out, and that is exactly what you will need to keep your living room comfortable. This will lead to expanding the wall, unless you intend on adding French patio doors to fill in the entire space. Walls are usually superior for temperature control because adding insulation is easy.

Get New Windows

When you have several windows in the living room, you will also want to switch these out for new ones. Older windows in particular are troublesome because their insulation quality wears down over time, and not having double-pane windows is only going to provide you with minimal insulation in the first place. If you have a decent budget to work with and want the absolute best insulation, you should get wood frames. As long as you avoid rotting and keep termites away, these windows will last for many years.

Add a Fireplace

Although you may use your central heating system to keep your home as warm as you can, cranking up the thermostat into the 70s can start to get pretty costly. An ideal thermostat temperature to have during wintertime is 68 degrees throughout the day and down to 62 degrees at night while sleeping. The problem is this requires warming up the entire home, and you may want to focus on the living room. Adding an electric fireplace is a great alternative that can be more efficient than the heating system. This will provide you with added ambiance and the ability to easily keep this specific room warm.

Hiring a remodeling contractor such as Keystone Residential Design to take on some or all of these projects will make it a lot easier to maintain a comfortable temperature in your living room without spending a lot of money on a monthly basis.