6 Beautiful Ways to Use Interior Shutters

Interior shutters are a beautiful method for dressing your windows. They can block the light while still allowing you to enjoy the view. Because they're affixed to the window frame, interior shutters  can be customized to fit any window – including specialty designs. Add value to your home by decorating your windows with shutters.

Transom Windows

Transom windows – or short windows above other windows – are a popular way for adding more light to your rooms. However, you may still want to control some of the light. Even if you have arched transom windows, shutters can be fitted to cover them. Indeed, covering transom windows with natural wood or white shutters provides a beautiful topper for the rest of your window dressing.

Bay Windows

Bay windows are another style that can be difficult to dress. Half-shutters can work well for your bay windows. Have the bottom half of the windows fit with shutters, and leave the top open. This café style allows more of your view to remain unobstructed while still providing some privacy and light control.

Wood in the Bathroom

The bathroom is a space in which you may want more privacy. Consider adding wooden shutters to your windows. In fact, they could become the foundation of your decor. For example, Home and Garden TV describes a modern home with wooden interior shutters and matching wood shutter-doors and a floating vanity in the same wood. Standalone shutters could also be used as a screen in an open-floor bathroom.

Shutter Doors

Sliding shutter doors are a useful method for dressing a sliding glass door. While it's possible to affix blinds or shades to the glass, sliding shutter doors provide a bonus. You can open the glass doors completely and close the shutters. This allows some light and air to filter into your room.

Curtain Combination

If you want the soft shape of draperies in your room, you can combine interior shutters with curtain panels. As with transom windows, choose natural wood or white shutters for a neutral backdrop. From there, select the curtain panels that best further the decor style in your room. You can even formalize the look by topping the windows with cornices.

Creative Kids' Room

Shutters are naturally classic, but they can also be creative. Imagine some of the more whimsical lattice designs, such as repeating rectangles connected with lines – these can be somewhat replicated with interior shutters. Such imaginative designs work well in a child's room, where classic might not fit in with playful decor. Shutters are also sturdier than curtains or blinds, so they can withstand some rough treatment at little hands.

For more shutter ideas, talk to a professional like the Shady Lady.