Six Considerations To Take Into Account When You’re Framing A Picture

If you're framing a picture and you're not very experienced with framing, you might underestimate the importance of choosing the perfect frame. The frame you choose can be just as important as the picture you're framing when it comes to maximizing the visual appeal of a room's interior design.

The following are six of the most important considerations you need to take into account to find the best frame for your picture:

The orientation of the picture

Your picture is going to either be in a portrait or landscape orientation. While most frames will accommodate either orientation, some frames may be designed as either portrait or landscape frames. 

You need to consider the orientation of your frame before you select it. If there is wording on a frame, it needs to be oriented so any words are upright. Think about what direction the frame will look right in and make sure that matches up with the orientation of your picture.  

The size of the picture and the frame

Of course, you need to consider the size of your frame and the size of your picture to make sure they match up. However, you should know that you may be able to add matting to your picture if your picture is too small for a particular frame but you really want to use it. 

The material from which the frame is constructed

Different frame materials create a different overall feel. For example, a metal or aluminum frame is likely to create a contemporary look. Wooden frames are more typical and can be designed to convey a variety of different overall styles. 

The color of the frame in combination with the colors in the picture

One of the primary concerns when you're selecting a frame is to avoid color clashes between your frame and your picture.

If your picture is in black and white, the color of the frame might not be as important. However, if the picture is colored you may want to choose a frame with a neutral color like black or brown. 

The design of the frame

Some frames have patterns or designs on them. You want to choose a frame that won't have a design on it that's so distracting that it takes the focus away from the picture. However, a frame with elaborate designs may look appropriate if the picture itself is fairly simple. 

The mounting solutions for the frame

Don't forget to consider how you're going to mount your frame. The mounting mechanisms for some frames are more complicated than others.

Also, you've got to consider if you can drive a nail into your wall anywhere to mount the frame or if you can only drive nails in where there are studs behind the wall.