6 Beautiful Ways to Use Interior Shutters

Interior shutters are a beautiful method for dressing your windows. They can block the light while still allowing you to enjoy the view. Because they're affixed to the window frame, interior shutters  can be customized to fit any window ā€“ including specialty designs. Add value to your home by decorating your windows with shutters. Transom Windows Transom windows ā€“ or short windows above other windows ā€“ are a popular way for adding more light to your rooms. Read More 

How To Transition Your Home To Farmhouse Style

Changing up your decor style in your home may sound really expensive, but it doesn't have to be. It's easier than you think, and you don't need a home decorator to help. You can make a few subtle changes to give your home the beautiful farmhouse style you are trying to achieve without breaking the bank. See below for tips on how to transition your existing home decor to a modern farmhouse style. Read More 

Yes, You Can Have Pendant Chandeliers In Quake Country

A chandelier is such an elegant form of lighting. Even modern, minimalist, one-light pendant chandeliers add a sleek, subdued air to a room, directing your focus to the table or artwork underneath the beam of the light. However, if you live in a quake-prone area like the West Coast, the Wasatch Front, or even Oklahoma, which is now experiencing stronger quakes, you might think a hanging light is no longer an option. Read More 

4 Tips For A Beautiful Christmas Tree

Christmas is a wonderful time of year, often filled with love and joy. Decorating for Christmas is a tradition in many families, and the Christmas tree is often the star of the show. As the holidays approach, use the following tips to ensure that you have the most beautiful Christmas tree ever this year: Don't Scrimp on the Lights There can be something magical about the lights of a Christmas tree twinkling in the evening, so make sure that your tree has ample lights for its size. Read More 

Is Your Living Room Too Cold? Three Remodeling Ideas to Warm It Up

Owning the home that you live in means you are fully responsible for keeping it warm inside. This primarily encompasses paying the heating bill, but it can also include remodeling the home. If you have noticed that your living room is extremely cold and that the utility costs are becoming rather excessive, this is an ideal time to take on some remodeling projects that revolve around making the room a warmer place. Read More